Things You See While Scouting

I’ve been out doing some final scouting over a location today for a shoot I have planned tomorrow, and I’d expected to put up a somewhat different blog post to that which I’m about to write.

I live close to the River Lune, and it’s become one of my favourite places to photograph people over the last couple of years.  Along a several mile stretch from my house, there are infinite looks and possibilities.  Today, however, I saw something I was not expecting.

Initially, from a distance, I thought we’d stumbled upon some kayakers taking a break along the bank of the river.  As we got closer, it was obvious how wrong we were.

This was a group of some of the fine folks at Kendal Mountain Rescue.

Kendal Mountain Rescue relies almost entirely upon donations from the public, with a relatively small, but greatly appreciated, contribution from the government.  None of their members are paid and all of the money received from donations goes solely towards running the team.

All team members contribute their time and expertise free of charge, not only for training and call-outs, but also for all of the tedious and mundane tasks that none of us would prefer to do given a choice (base & vehicle maintenance, routine equipment checks, etc).

The team averages over 40 callouts per year all around the region, which can include cragwork, search & rescue, recovery and supporting other services in bad weather, involving visitors and local residents.

Many of the team are now also trained in swift water rescue techniques – as you can see from the images on this page.  The team is operational day and night in good weather and bad 365 days per year.

For us mere mortals, here is some mountain safety advice from the great people at Mountain Rescue and remember, in an emergency, dial 999 and ask for Mountain Rescue.

Thank you, guys, for doing all that you do!