Photography Tuition

Busy students at the workshopWe provide a range of one to one photography training and group photography workshops covering a variety of subjects from the very basics of photography to more advanced techniques.

We run several regularly scheduled group workshops throughout the year, however some only run through the warmer months.  More information on these workshops will be available as dates and venues are confirmed.

Using your DSLR
This workshop covers the basic principles of photography, light and composition as well as the different metering and exposure modes available on your DSLR.

Wilderness Walkabout Workshop
This workshop gets us out of the studio and exploring a part of the English countryside.  It is a one day workshop, on location, covering many aspects of location photography in order to help you get the most out of your camera.

Using Off-Camera Flash
This is a slightly more advanced workshop for those wishing to explore studio flash photography more in-depth.  While this workshop is catered more towards portrait photography, the principles learned in this class can be applied to many types of photography, whether it be macro, floral, still life, or something else entirely.

Location Lighting Workshop
Combining principles and techniques of both the Wilderness Walkabout and Using Off-Camera Flash workshops, this advanced course shows you how to work with the ambient light and flash, either individually or simultaneously to really make your location portraits stand out.

Other group workshops are provided either as requested for private group bookings or on an on demand basis when enough interest builds up in a given topic or technique for an open workshop.

Busy students at the workshopPast bespoke group workshops have included subjects such as timelapse, high speed photography, bird of prey photography and more advanced flash techniques.

One to one training is also available covering many photographic techniques that are generally best taught with a more focused and personalised approach, such as more advanced location lighting portrait photography, where instant feedback and personal review are invaluable.

Our group workshops are typically limited to a maximum of 10 attendees, some may be limited to smaller groups depending on the venue.  Private group workshops will be tailored to the size of your group.

Each workshop has various minimum requirements that attendees must meet in order to get the most out of the workshop.  Most will require you to own your own DSLR and a lens or lenses covering a given range of focal lengths.

Requirements for all group photography workshops, as well as the number of available spots, will be posted as each date is confirmed and announced.  Requirements for private group workshops and one to one training sessions are provided during your consultation.

And remember, if you’re going to be attending a workshop, whether it’s one of ours or somebody else’s, be sure to charge up your batteries and prepare your memory cards the night before!