July’s Location Lighting Workshop

After several days of non-stop disasters, leading up to Wednesday’s workshop, starting with the originally booked model having to back out only 3 days before the event, and culminating in waking up on Wednesday morning to a washer/dryer that had “crashed” in the middle of the night (containing a drum full of wet clothes I’d […]

On Location, Location, Location!

For me, when it comes to photographing people, nothing beats getting out on location for a photo shoot, and last Wednesday’s shoot was a prime example.  I’ve written about location scouting on here before, and it’s something I love to do whenever time and opportunity presents itself. When a client contacts me, often with very little […]

Things You See While Scouting

I’ve been out doing some final scouting over a location today for a shoot I have planned tomorrow, and I’d expected to put up a somewhat different blog post to that which I’m about to write. I live close to the River Lune, and it’s become one of my favourite places to photograph people over […]

Must Find Moss!

Even though we didn’t get the snow we were promised this winter, it’s still rather nippy out, making it difficult to start tackling many of the location shoots I have in mind for this year.  The last couple of days, however, have provided a little bit of a break in the rain that’s seemed to […]

Location Scouting for Waterfalls

I’m always looking for new portrait locations, but now that the British summer appears to be in full swing, with only 3 or 4 rain filled days per week, I’ve begun searching a little further away from home than I normally shoot. Still not that far away, within a 30-40 minute drive, but something a […]