A Day in Manchester

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to spend the day in Manchester with a couple of other photographers and a group of models.  I knew the day would present many challenges, as I typically do not shoot in the middle of town or city centres, I’ve never worked with male models before, and the weather wasn’t […]

Collette Von Tora again!

As I look through my photographs, Collette‘s face always seems to keep popping up recently, which is hardly surprising considering how much we’ve worked with each other.  A little while ago, Collette contacted me wanting to do some headshots for a new collar about to be launched by Latex Legion.  Who was I to object? […]

Collette Von Tora

I’ve shot with Collette Von Tora a number of times now, and it’s always an absolute pleasure to do so.  It turns out that Collette shaved her head (I know!) at the beginning of November during filming for a music video, so I decided to take advantage of it quick before she decided to grow […]