Pet Portraits – Dogs

Viola & JennyDogs, as you might expect, are the animal we photograph most often.

We sometimes take the time we have with our pets for granted.  A quality studio portrait of your dog, or photographs of them working or at play are lasting reminder of that special bond we share with those much loved members of our families and the time we were able to spend with them.

Dogs each have fantastic and unique personalities, so we will tailor your photo shoot to best suit your beloved pet, in order to produce something to really bring out their character and personality.

We photograph all types of dogs including family pets, as well as fieldsport and professional working dogs performing their duties.

Dog photography sessions can be performed both in the studio or on location, and dogs can be photographed individually, or as a group if you have more than one.

Dogs - General FAQ

I have more than one dog, can I book a single session for all of them?

Having multiple dogs in a session is no problem, however depending on how many dogs you have, you may need to book a longer session which may have a higher cost.

Posed portraits in the studio of a group of dogs can be somewhat tricky (in unfamiliar surroundings, many just want to play).  It can take some extra time, patience, and care, but it’s worth the effort.

Will you photograph me with my dog?

Absolutely!  We know how much your dogs mean to you, so why wouldn’t you want your portrait made with them?

This is available as part of your session at no extra cost.

Preparing Your Dog

Should I take my dog to a groomer?

This is entirely your choice.

If going to see a groomer is something you regularly do for your dog, then it makes sense to have them visit the groomer before their photo shoot.

If a groomer is not on your dog’s regular list of visits, then the neatly trimmed and groomed look may not suit your dog’s natural personality.  It may even make them feel awkward and uncomfortable during the session.

At the very least, for a studio session, you will want to give your dog a good clean and brushing beforehand.  For a location shoot, it’s possible they’ll get a little dirty anyway, but it’s much better if they start the session relatively clean.

What should we bring with us?

Assuming that the session does not take place in your home, there are a few items that we suggest you bring along with you.  Some of these items are for safety, some are to help keep your dog looking pretty in front of the camera, and some are to simply keep them happy and interested in what we’re trying to create.

Safety and Security

  • A comfortable lead and/or harness.  Whichever you prefer to use with your dog, please bring it with you.  Whether on location or in the studio, there may be times when it’s required to secure your animal.  Especially during our open days where there may be multiple dogs in close proximity.
  • A muzzle.  Obviously, this isn’t required for all, or even the majority, of dogs.  However, if your dog has been court ordered to wear a muzzle in public, or you are concerned that your dog may snap at people or other dogs, please bring it with you.  Please let us know if your dog requires a muzzle when booking a session.
  • Poo bags.  While you will generally have taken your dog for a good walk before a studio session, the whole point of a location shoot is that it is a good walk.  So, accidents can happen.  Please ensure that you bring some along with you to dispose of your dog’s waste.

Dog Comfort

  • If your dog has any favourite toys or an affinity for a particular type of ball, please bring those too, especially if we’re going on location.  In the studio, it can help to keep their attention towards the camera (or whichever direction your dog needs to be looking).  On location, interaction with their favourite ball or toys can allow us to produce some fantastic photographs of your dog at play.
  • A blanket, basket or bed.  Stepping into a studio for the first time can be a little daunting to some dogs.  Having something with them that smells like home can help to relax and get them at ease more quickly.

Dog Aesthetics

  • A brush.  Even if you have taken your dog to the groomer beforehand, or brushed them at home, hair can become a bit misplaced throughout the course of the shoot, especially if you have a very lively or active dog.  So, having a brush handy that you’re used to, and that your dog is used to, will be a bonus.  We will generally have a selection of brushes available to use, but if they’re harder or softer than your dog is used to, it can make them feel a little uncomfortable.