Must Find Moss!

Even though we didn’t get the snow we were promised this winter, it’s still rather nippy out, making it difficult to start tackling many of the location shoots I have in mind for this year.  The last couple of days, however, have provided a little bit of a break in the rain that’s seemed to consistently fall from the sky for about the last 6 weeks.  So, we’ve been back out more thoroughly scouting some locations we’d briefly glanced at last year, as well as going out to find some new ones.

Our quest this time was moss, and lots of it.  Moss covered rocks, trees, fallen logs, paths, you name it, we wanted to find it – as long as it was covered in moss.

The area we we ultimately decided on heading to is somewhere we’ve visited a couple of times before.  The first time was without cameras (not by choice) just to see what we could find.  It’s not that we neglected to take cameras with us, but the non-stop rain made getting them out of the car a somewhat pointless exercise. Mostly it was just a case of grabbing the occasional iPhone photo at interesting looking spots in order to have some GPS tags I could map out once I got back home and on the computer.

This time it was actually not raining (yet), so my camera actually made it out of the car.  We had a rather limited amount of time available, and with a rather grim looking sky above (the rain did indeed kick in not too long after we got there), we didn’t get to explore the area quite as much as I would’ve liked, but I saw enough of it to know that this would be the perfect location for one of the shoots I’ve been planning.

The model’s all set, the storyboards are pretty much all figured out and the location has now been determined.  Now we just wait for the rain to stop, the sun to shine, the leaves to grow and the temperature to rise!