Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This year, we had the pleasure of spending Christmas my wife’s family in the USA.  There’s a saying in New Hampshire, “If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes”, and it didn’t disappoint.  In the space of a week, we went from a light dusting of snow, to wind and rain, to sunny and dry, to 10″ of snow overnight.

After arriving and getting settled in, Colleen, my wife, made quick work of building her snowman, just in case we didn’t get any more snow while we were there, using what little was available.

Unfortunately, by the morning it had committed suicide and decided to melt.  All that was left were two little black rock eyes laying on the ground. The pool didn’t look quite as warm and inviting as it had during the summer either.

The pool in winter

On the bright side, once the snow melted away and the clouds disappeared, the haze cleared up and visibility was amazing.  For several years I’d heard rumours of Mount Washington being visible from my in-laws’ property, but I’d obviously never been there on the right day.  It’s a good 60 miles or so away, so you can imagine why it’s not a regular sight.  Finally, however, there it was (it’s the white one, over on the right, and that town in the middle is Concord).

The View from the Porch

Vern also got to come out and enjoy a bit of the sunshine.  Equestrian photography isn’t really my thing, but he seemed to be enjoying himself, and I happened to have the camera on me. He wasn’t the most cooperative of subjects, but he stuck around long enough for me to get a couple of shots.

Vern - Canadian Sport Horse

Then there was the Dickens Village.  My mother in law has been growing her collection of Dickens Village characters, buildings, animals and other assortments for at least the last 20 years, says Colleen.  Every year it gets bigger and better, and has a different theme (as she now has too many pieces to include in a single display).  I would’ve liked to have shot more of this than I was able to, but there’s always next year!

Yes, I know the people aren't to scale. Dickens Village 2012!

Anyway, the night before we were due to depart and head back to England, we received a welcome visitor.  Snow, and lots of it!

The Snowstorm Begins!

A rather large snowstorm swept across the north east, and we weren’t entirely sure exactly how much snow we were going to get.  By the time we woke up the following morning, at least 6 inches had fallen, with more still to come.  The driveway must’ve been cleared of snow at least 4 times during the course of the day.  But, I finally got one of the shots that’s been on my list for a while.  St Bernards (and a Bassett Hound) in the snow.  It wasn’t quite the shot I’ve had in mind, but given the circumstances, it’ll do nicely.

St Bernards in the Snow!

I had mixed feelings about this particular snowstorm.  Don’t get me wrong, I love snow, probably because we get so little of it here in the UK that it’s still fun when it happens.  But, it did show up a little late to the party, and then delayed our flight out of Manchester, NH by enough to make us miss our connection in Philadelphia.

Snow on the ground at Manchester Airport

It did, however, give us an opportunity to spend a whole day in the wonderful city of Philadelphia doing the touristy thing, but that’s for another post.

Thank you Bob, Annette, Lara, Josh, Erin, Frank, Mike, Cindy, Russ, our newest nephew, Brayden, and Great Grandma for making it such a fantastic Christmas!