Collette Von Tora

I’ve shot with Collette Von Tora a number of times now, and it’s always an absolute pleasure to do so.  It turns out that Collette shaved her head (I know!) at the beginning of November during filming for a music video, so I decided to take advantage of it quick before she decided to grow it back.

As soon as I saw the image posted on Facebook of the5 o’clock shadow on her head, the only thing I could think of was Ripley from Alien 3.  So, we had a bit of a chat, and set a date.

At this point, before I forget, I’d like to thank Dave at The Who Store in Blackpool for helping out with the location, as well as props.

After a relatively easy and painless drive to Blackpool, with a quick pit stop at Costa for some caffeinated fuel, we got led down into the deepest darkest depths of an unused area of the basement in which we were shooting.  In no time at all we were all setup and discussing the scenes from the movie that were were going to use as a base for our images.


We wanted to recreate a few of the iconic scenes from the movie, and some of the movie posters that were out at the time, but with our own twist. Collette has a fantastic range of expression on a shoot, so trying out different things was easy and great fun, especially when she turned around and snarled back at the alien.

Thank you to the Alien for just being there, and again to Dave at the Who Store for letting him come play with us, much to the amusement of Collette (although it probably didn’t help that Martin’s stood there saying “RAWR! I’m an alien!” as a motivational aid).

Which leads on to a big thank you to Martin for coming along and assisting for the day. His help was much appreciated, especially for doing the coffee runs!

And finally, thank you to Collette Von Tora for being such a fantastic person to work with. I would highly recommend that if any of you get the chance to do so, then take it! You won’t regret it. This last image of Collette, nothing to do with the whole “Alien” thing, but something I wanted to try, has also led to the beginning of a new personal project.

More info on that soon…