Collette Von Tora again!

As I look through my photographs, Collette‘s face always seems to keep popping up recently, which is hardly surprising considering how much we’ve worked with each other.  A little while ago, Collette contacted me wanting to do some headshots for a new collar about to be launched by Latex Legion.  Who was I to object?  I love working with Collette.

The main problem was where to shoot it.  As I typically work on location, I do not own a full time studio, I rent venues as required.  For such a relatively small scale session, a large studio seemed overkill.  Fortunately, a week or so before Collette got in touch with me, I’d discovered Lancaster’s newest coffee shop, Pão Pão Coffee.

Pão Pão has turned out to be a fantastic place.  As well as having great coffee and food, it has a good atmosphere, and iPads on the counter for customers to use.  I’ve since held a number of client meetings there, and I usually pop in whenever I’m in town to say hello and fuel my caffeine addiction.

Pão Pão also has the most gorgeous soft morning light coming through the massive expanse of glass that constitutes the whole front and side of the shop.  After having a word with the manager, we were allowed to shoot in the coffee shop providing they weren’t busy and we didn’t get in the way – which is a perfectly reasonable condition, the last thing I want to do is become a pest and negatively affect their business (I think we might have actually drawn one or two extra customers in who were curious about what we were doing and wanted to have a nosey).

The day of the shoot came, which was a Sunday, we arrived as soon as they opened up in order to pick out our spot for the best light, and ordered coffees and breakfast while we continued to wake up and discuss what we were going to shoot.  The brief was straightforward, to produce some images of the collar, and headshots for Collette.

After Collette had got her makeup all sorted (and completely covered her shiny new iPad with it), we set to work.  Martin came along to assist with holding the reflector, and it was an slightly odd experience.  For the last couple of years, I’ve been shooting almost exclusively with flash, but this time, we used ambient light coming through the window for the whole set.  I hadn’t even brought a flash with me.  I even ended up firing off a few frames on film (which I’ve recently fallen in love with all over again).

Time just seemed to fly, and about 4 hours and far too many cups of coffee & toasted teacakes later, we were done.

A huge huge thank you to Pão Pão Coffee in Lancaster, along with all the staff there, to Collette Von Tora for being as awesome as usual, to Martin Rathbone for coming along to assist, and to my wife, for making sure I was awake far too early on a Sunday morning!