Collaborate With Me, or “So you want to shoot TF?”

While my calendar is generally pretty full, I do occasionally put up casting calls in order to be able to collaborate with othes for personal work and portfolio images.

I am also always very open to being contacted for possible TF collaboration work by models, stylists, MUAs, body painters, etc. that have an idea or theme for a shoot that they think my style might be particularly well suited for.

Please be aware that I’m a big believer that TF shoots must be of benefit all those involved.  As everybody covers their own costs on a TF shoot, that means that the portfolio or experience of everybody in attendance needs to gain some level of elevation.

Not everybody is created equally, and not everybody is suitable for every project idea, so, please do not be offended if you are not chosen for a particular casting call, and I will not be offended if you turn down my idea due to it being something you’ve shot a dozen times already or it simply does not interest you. If it doesn’t benefit your portfolio too, I don’t expect you to make exception for me.

I am willing to work with all models, regardless of experience level, if I feel you have a suitable look and appearance for a particular casting call or idea and will benefit my portfolio, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you’re interested in working together.

You can see my current casting calls listed on my profile at PurplePort. You can see feedback from some of the models I’ve worked with at my profiles linked below.

[ PurplePort | TFPModels ]

Several models have also given me permission to pass along their phone number, so please ask if you would prefer to chat to them over the phone instead.

Please click the buttons below for a checklist of items you may need to bring, and some brief terms of my TF shoots.