On Workshops and Teaching

With only a month to go until the first of January’s photography workshops, I’ve received a few questions that I’m also going to answer here, and talk a little about workshops and photography tuition in general. We’ll get your questions answered first. Will you teach me to shoot like [insert photographer here]? Yes. No. Sort […]

July’s Location Lighting Workshop

After several days of non-stop disasters, leading up to Wednesday’s workshop, starting with the originally booked model having to back out only 3 days before the event, and culminating in waking up on Wednesday morning to a washer/dryer that had “crashed” in the middle of the night (containing a drum full of wet clothes I’d […]

Lancaster Photographic Society Flash Portrait Workshop

Last week I had the pleasure of teaching a flash portrait workshop to some of the members of Lancaster Photographic Society. I’ve not done much in the way of teaching in the past, except one-on-one when I’ve had assistants with me on a shoot, never in front of a class of several people simultaneously.  I […]