Personal Work

A Couple of Days at the Rebellion Festival

The Rebellion Festival (AKA “Punk Weekend”) in Blackpool is a fantastic event.  It’s something I’d been meaning to attend for a long time, but didn’t get the opportunity until 2012.  Last year I went with the typical street photography approach, preparing, anticipating, and capturing.  I also shot mostly on black & white film. This year, […]

Lighten Up and Shoot Film

First, I would like to thank Mikey for inviting me to tag along, assist and record some behind the scenes footage.  I would also like to thank Bruce for providing me with a couch to crash on while I was in Liverpool, and I want to thank both of them for the great company, conversations, […]

A New Genre (for me anyway)

As I’ve mentioned before, Street photography’s something that’s never really appealed to me all that much in the past (looking at the results of it, sure, but not shooting it myself). It’s a very minimalist, spur of the moment, and somewhat chaotic & unpredictable form of photography. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but I […]

Intervalometer Prototype in Development

One of my passions is timelapse photography.  Even if you’ve never heard of timelapse before, you’ve probably seen the results on various television shows. Timelapse is the process of taking images at a set interval, and then playing them back at a much faster rate in order to speed up events that happen over a […]