Prints – Animals

Taking Flight

This is something I’d originally intended to blog about a while ago, but then something surprising happened.  We got a summer, a real summer, the kind of summer that you wouldn’t want to miss due to spending the majority of it in a studio, and while animal studio sessions are available throughout the year, I […]

Doggy Heaven

Since word got out that I photograph dogs too, not just reptiles and crazy stuff, I seem to have been getting swamped with them!  Not that it’s a bad thing.  I’ve met some absolute sweethearts over the last few weeks, and one or two little horrors (but we love them too, and we won’t name […]

On The Wild Side

Like many of you reading this, animals have been a long time passion of mine.  Growing up around birds of prey, many breeds of working dogs, and later in life, reptiles of all different shapes and sizes; Reptiles being what got me into photography in the first place so many years ago. Over the course […]