Taking Flight

This is something I’d originally intended to blog about a while ago, but then something surprising happened.  We got a summer, a real summer, the kind of summer that you wouldn’t want to miss due to spending the majority of it in a studio, and while animal studio sessions are available throughout the year, I […]

A Couple of Days at the Rebellion Festival

The Rebellion Festival (AKA “Punk Weekend”) in Blackpool is a fantastic event.  It’s something I’d been meaning to attend for a long time, but didn’t get the opportunity until 2012.  Last year I went with the typical street photography approach, preparing, anticipating, and capturing.  I also shot mostly on black & white film. This year, […]

July’s Location Lighting Workshop

After several days of non-stop disasters, leading up to Wednesday’s workshop, starting with the originally booked model having to back out only 3 days before the event, and culminating in waking up on Wednesday morning to a washer/dryer that had “crashed” in the middle of the night (containing a drum full of wet clothes I’d […]

On Location, Location, Location!

For me, when it comes to photographing people, nothing beats getting out on location for a photo shoot, and last Wednesday’s shoot was a prime example.  I’ve written about location scouting on here before, and it’s something I love to do whenever time and opportunity presents itself. When a client contacts me, often with very little […]

Doggy Heaven

Since word got out that I photograph dogs too, not just reptiles and crazy stuff, I seem to have been getting swamped with them!  Not that it’s a bad thing.  I’ve met some absolute sweethearts over the last few weeks, and one or two little horrors (but we love them too, and we won’t name […]

On The Wild Side

Like many of you reading this, animals have been a long time passion of mine.  Growing up around birds of prey, many breeds of working dogs, and later in life, reptiles of all different shapes and sizes; Reptiles being what got me into photography in the first place so many years ago. Over the course […]

2012 Fireworks in Lancaster!

After last year’s quite successful image of Lancaster’s 2011 fireworks display, I decided to give it another go again this year. While I do shoot the entire event each year (no matter how cold it might get!), I only look to create one final image for the night.  There’s no point flooding the web with […]

Lancaster Photographic Society Open Day

At present, Lancaster Photographic Society has an exhibition running in the former Game shop in the St. Nicholas Arcade in Lancaster, in which several of my images are currently being exhibited. On Saturday we had our open day.  Being on the committee, myself and several other committee members manned the exhibit for the day, and […]

A Day in Manchester

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to spend the day in Manchester with a couple of other photographers and a group of models.  I knew the day would present many challenges, as I typically do not shoot in the middle of town or city centres, I’ve never worked with male models before, and the weather wasn’t […]

Collette Von Tora again!

As I look through my photographs, Collette‘s face always seems to keep popping up recently, which is hardly surprising considering how much we’ve worked with each other.  A little while ago, Collette contacted me wanting to do some headshots for a new collar about to be launched by Latex Legion.  Who was I to object? […]