A Day in Manchester

On Tuesday I had the opportunity to spend the day in Manchester with a couple of other photographers and a group of models.  I knew the day would present many challenges, as I typically do not shoot in the middle of town or city centres, I’ve never worked with male models before, and the weather wasn’t expected to be the greatest so the available light wasn’t that amazing.

Having recently written about the need for planning and preparing before a photo shoot, I set to work figuring out what was what a couple of days beforehand.  I knew that it would be a fairly long day, with a lot of walking, so I wanted to pack as light as possible.

Street photography or even shooting posed photographs in city centres has never really been my thing, although I’ve seen many street photography images over the last several months shot by others with certain qualities that I’ve found myself starting to like very much.  So, as if the day wasn’t going to be challenging enough already, given the weight limitations I’d need to impose upon myself in order to make it through the day, I decided to take only one camera, one lens, and shoot black & white film the whole day.

It’s been over 10 years since I quit shooting film, but I’ve wanted to do more black and white recently.  While I still prefer the look of digital for colour work, I don’t believe digital is able to come close to film for black & white.  So at the beginning of this year, I decided to start shooting film again alongside digital.


I don’t regret the decision for a minute.

There is, however, one slight drawback to shooting film. You have to shoot the whole roll before you can develop it (well, you don’t have to, but you do if you don’t want to waste film). I still have 24 photographs sitting inside my camera with 12 still waiting to be created before I can develop the roll!